Ten reasons to eat locally grown food - if you need any at all:)

We, at the Napili Farmers Market, truly believe in the importance of buying and eating locally grown produce, especially in Hawaii, as currently, 85% of our food comes from out of state, despite the fact that Maui has the land and the resources to become self-reliant in our food supply. Please, find ten reasons below to buy local food.

Locally grown food:

  • tastes better and it is full of flavor because locally grown crops are picked at their peak of ripeness
  • is better for your health since it's full of nutrients and hasn't travelled thousands of miles
  • preserves genetic diversity
  • is safe because there is no hundred steps between you and the source
  • supports local families and local economy
  • builds community
  • keeps your taxes in check
  • supports a clean environment and benefits wildlife
  • reduces global warming by eliminating the need for transportation from a long distance
  • is about the future