Local Harvest - Maui-grown, fresh, organic produce

Sattvic Kitchen - raw, sattvic, locally made spreads, dressings, honey and more

Leaf & Limb - artisan crafted organic kombucha "on tap"

Leah Mark Designs - handcrafted jewelry

Homemade Maui - delicious baked goods and pizza crusts

Blue Door Bread Company - 100% organic, naturally leavened bread

Heather's Treasures - handmade, island jewelry

Robilotta Designs- artisan, locally made jewelry

Oils Heal - high quality, doTERRA essential oils for therapeutic aromatherapy 

Lahaina Organics - locally made, organic, reef-safe sunblocks

Prasad Soul Food - organic, locally made, gluten-free sweets

HH Designs - handmade pouches, beach bags and yoga mats

HI Spice - amazing locally sourced and made hot sauces with all natural ingredients

Lahaina Candle Co. - handmade candles and succulents in up-cycled bottles

Aloha Raw - locally sourced and made, fermented food products

Lahaina Heat - locally sourced and made hot sauces

Aloha Raku Pottery - locally made, one-of-a-kind pottery items

Maui Vegan Baking Co. - locally made, vegan banana bread

Lauhola Weaves - locally made, unique purses, hair accessories and wallets

Susan's Plants - beautiful, one-of-a-kind succulents

Asa's Coconuts - fresh, locally grown coconuts

Wahikuli Creations - handbags, paintings, ocean-themed headbands, and coasters