How to use a breadfruit?

We just love breadfruit! It is a fruit that "acts" like a vegetable and so versatile! You can roast it in the oven, fry it, boil it, mash it, make pudding with it, or you can make an awesome breadfruit curry with it, like this one below (right photo).

Breadfruit is very rich in starch which transforms to sugars when very ripe so if your breadfruit is already brown or yellow and soft or squishy (that means the fruit is ripe), you better make a dessert with it instead of a savory dish. If your breadfruit is firm and green, then it's still rich in starch and resembles to the taste of freshly baked bread or potato. Breadfruit or in Hawaiian 'Ulu, is seasonal: you can find it from November to June. Look for it at Napili Farmers Market on the beautiful West Side of Maui!


Breadfruit - yellow pea curry

one medium breadfruit - cut into small pieces
8 oz yellow peas
one medium onion - sliced
2-3 cloves of garlic - sliced
2 green chillies - chopped (according to your taste, you can reduce or raise this amount)
few curry leaves - if you don't have any, don't worry
3/4 tsp turmeric powder, or fresh turmeric if you have
2 tsp ground coriander
3-4 couple tsp curry powder - according to your taste
1 tsp pepper
a piece of fresh ginger - grated
two cans of coconut milk

Start with the peas: boil them in 8 oz water with a pinch of salt and curry powder in a small pot. You may have to add more water, check it in every 5 minutes and add water if needed.

Place the curry leaves, turmeric and curry powder in a pot and dry roast them until they get fragrant. Put a little water in the spices, mix it well and put the onion and garlic in it. Saute the mixture for a couple minutes, then put the breadfruit pieces in it. Saute it again for a couple minutes. Add the chilies, the grated ginger, the pepper, salt to taste and the coconut milk to it, stir it well and leave it boil. If the breadfruit is ready (taste it, if it's soft, it's ready), add the peas, bring it to a boil once then you are ready. Serve it with rice or naan.

How to cut a breadfruit? Click here if you would like to know!